Andrej Wolczkiewicz. A Kaliningrad Artist In Thailand

In Kaliningrad, Russia, I met an artist who is from Kaliningrad however lives and creates his sharp and rich on color and meaning artwork in Thailand.

Our meeting was brief so I’m not sure I can say something intelligible to Andrej’s person. On his profiles in social media I have discovered a quote (not sure if it’s his own words or if he quoted someone) which I might think tells something about him and his art:

“I’m a bipolar art student still trying to find the right medicine. That says a lot in itself I think. I spend way to much time thinking about – well, everything, and I like to spend a lot of time absorbed in my own little world, doing my art. I am very critical and easily annoyed with other people, and generally disdainful I think. But I do really enjoy some human contact from time to time”.

Here are some of Andrej’s paintings – oil, acrylic, mixed technique, enamel, charcoal, large-form paintings.

Andrej Wolczkiewicz
Golden education. Oil, enamel, charcoal on canvas, 210x140cm (55.12″x82.7″)
Untitled. Oil, acrylic, enamel, charcoal, adhesive on canvas. 133x180cm (53.4″x70.7″)
Untitled. Mixed media on canvas, 90x130cm (35.4″x51.2″)
Untitled#7. Oil, acrylic, enamel, crayon, charcoal on black canvas. 140x185cm (55.1″x72.8″)
11 Skulls Khmer Rouge. Oil, acrylic, bronze, charcoal on black canvas. 133x190cm (52.4″x74.8″)
Oil on canvas, 75x100cm/each (29.5″x39.4″)
Untitled #18. Mixed media on canvas, 315x145cm (124″x57″) (fragment)
Le Mepris #1, mixed media on canvas, 150x205cm (59.1″x80.7″)
Die like a man (two figures with no shadows). Diptych. Oil and wax on linen, 145x205cm/each (57.1″x80.7″)
Untitled abstract painting #6, mixed media on canvas on plywood, 45x60cm (17.7″x23.6″)
Untitled #4, mixed media, canvas over plywood, 45x60cm (18″x24″)
Mixed media on canvas, 60x80cm (23.6″x31.5″)
Mixed media on canvas, 60x80cm (23.6″x31.5″)

av-15 av-14


Photo: From Andrej Wolczkiewicz’s social media profiles