Dimitrie Ross. Colors On Canvas Are A Collection Of Memories

Colors are the sound of clouds and the sea, trees and flowers. Shadows and halftones are the sound of silence and reflected lights are the quite music of the noise around us…

My name is Dimitrie Ross and I am a journalist, an artist and a traveller. I live in Moscow and Kaliningrad formerly known as Königsberg. The Baltic Sea, its landscapes and nature, is where I create most of my paintings.


Almost everything I have learned in fine art I’ve learned by myself. Of course, there were art schools and classes in private art studios I attended – in Russia and the USA (California). Lithuanian and American artists made the most impact on my work.


My artwork is represented in private collections in Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kaliningrad) and in the USA (San-Francisco and Washington, DC).

Flowers and landscapes

As a journalist and a traveller I have found out that painting is the best way to express myself and to show often hidden emotions of people I meet and rich colors of places I visit.

Flowers. I have a strong passion for all kinds of different plants and flowers. I believe that flowers I paint in all their richness on forms deliver a specific message to each one of us. The images I put on canvases can help to remember the forgotten, repeat the unrepeatable and find the desired.

Landscapes I put in graphics in my travel sketch book or on canvas have not a photographic accuracy but recreate my impressions of places I visit. I hope very much that my art is leaving room for reflection and conversation.

My art is the reflection of my emotions and travel impressions. It would make me happy if my paintings will sound in unison with your inner self.

Dynamics, innuendo and emotions I capture in colors on canvas are a collection of memories.


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