Charitable Auction At Ritz-Carlton Moscow – Join Me On December 7th!

Good news! A charitable dinner and an art auction will take place at Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow on December, 7th.

This charitable dinner and art auction is organized by “Perspektiva”, a Russian disability non-governmental organization and a representative office of the World Institute Disability (WID), a US-based NGO. “Perspektiva” aims to promote independence and an improved quality of life for persons with disabilities in the Russian community.

Fine Art Russia - Dimitrie Ross
Cosmic Crocuses. Dimitrie Ross

I invite you to join me! One of my paintings – Cosmic Crocuses – will be placed on sale in the auction.

Since the 7th of December is the International Aviation Day, all guests of the event will take a virtual flight to the world of charity! The ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton Moscow will be miraculously transformed into an airline cabin and everyone will enjoy the atmosphere of an exciting travel.

Date: December 7th, 2016 (Wednesday)
Time: 7 PM
Place: Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Moscow, Tverskaya Street 3

To register for the Charitable dinner and art auction feel free to contact Ms Natalya Romakina ( and/or Ms Anastasia Reznikova ( Phone: +7 495 725 39 82