Fine Art Auction. Sold Crocuses. New Experience

It’s always a great feeling when your works are being sold. It’s a strange but pleasant feeling when your works are being sold at an auction.

Fine Art Russia - Dimitrie Ross
Cosmic Corcuses. Dimitrie Ross

One of my paintings – Cosmic Crocuses – were placed for an auction at the charitable event in Ritz-Carlton Moscow. The auction for the painting started with the price… three times as much as I estimated the painting 🙂 It was a surprise which actually taught me not to underestimate. Ok. Got it.

When the finale price reached an amount which I was not even dreaming about – my heart almost stopped!

Not sure I can describe my feelings at that moment. Perhaps it was a mix of happiness, shyness and maybe of a shock. Anyway, it was a great experience!

Here is my painting being auctioned, and some other paintings I kinda liked at the event: