Golden Heavy-Body Acrylic Paint. First Time Buying On eBay. Shipping To Russia

During one of my visits to Bologna (Italy) I met an Italian artist who owns an art supply store in the city. This is where I learned about the Golden Paints heavy-body acrylic paint. 

This acrylic paint by Golden Paints is very different from everything else I used before in acrylics. This paint is smooth, buttery and feels like oil paint.

If you ever worked with oil paint you know that with oil you can really model the painting. If you put thick layer of oil paint then it feels like the modeling paste or the plasticine.

These Golden acrylic paints are almost like oil paint. And since I don’t work with oils in Moscow (because I work in my apartment and members of my family are very sensitive to the smell of oil paint thinner), Golden Paints are an ideal choice for me. But still it’s thick and rich and very pleasant to work with. Of course, it dries not that slow as oils but still it dries much much slower than all other acrylic paints. I love it.

Here are some flowers I did with Golden Paints heavy-body acrylic paint.

So, now you understand why am I so psyched about this paint. But why do I buy it on eBay? – Because even with the cost of the international shipping from the US to Russia it’s still cheaper than to buy it in Moscow. 

And it was the very first time I buy something on eBay. So, we’ll see how it works, and when the paint is there in January I’ll be even more psyched 🙂