How Do You Price Artwork? What’s Too Much & What’s A Reasonable Price?

A friend of mine shared a story when for the first time in his life he bought an artwork. Did I pay to much or was that price reasonable, he asked. 

Here is his story:

“Never in my life I bought any artwork. But this time it was different. In a small store near my house I was shopping for some groceries when I hear a little girl talk to her grandmother who was working the cash register:

– Grandma, you can sell my drawing so that we can have some money.

– You think somebody will like it that much to buy it?

– How much do you want for it, – I asked the little girl.

– 50 Rubles (ca. 80¢), – the girl answered my question and hid behind her grandmother.

I looked inside of my wallet, there were some coins – 50 Rubles exactly.

– Here you go, take your 50 Rubles, – I gave the money to this brave artist.

The girl took the money and again hid behind her grandmother.

This is how I bought my first piece of art. And now I what do you think – was it too much for this drawing or was the price reasonable? And did you ever buy art?

Photo: Yaroslav Gunin/

Buying art is always an experience! “Too much” or “a good deal” – I think it’s not the right question to ask 🙂

When you buy a painting (and in my case when I sell paintings) you buy an emotion, an instant impression. That’s why the price of an artwork is very subjective and very personal, almost intimate.

Who knows, maybe my friend made an investment in art. And who knows, maybe this investment will return in full!