Ivan Skladchikov. Images From Exhibition “Applied Drawing” – St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is often called “the cultural capital of Russia” by those who live in this city. There is always a competition between Saint Petersburg and Moscow, and those who live in these cities always (not really jokingly) argue which city is better and more cultured. It’s the same like with NYC and LA. 

I like Moscow. Although my best friend lives in Saint Petersburg. Not for the argument’s sake but just to stay in touch I tell him what exhibitions and theaters I go to in Moscow. He responds with no less interesting experiences of his on with theaters and exhibitions he visits in Saint Petersburg. This time he kindly told me about this interesting exhibition which took place in “Leningrad Center”. And I thank him for these images from the exhibition (Vladimir, thank you!).

Ivan Skladchikov, scenography artist
Ivan Skladchikov, scenography artist

The “Applied Drawing” is an exhibition of works by Ivan Skladchikov, a scenography artist from Moscow.

Scenography is the art of stage decorations, performance posters’ design, costumes design etc. I allow myself to quote Ivan Skladchikov on the scenography art:

“A talented scenography artist must be able to harmoniously combine creative and technical sources to make each element support the stage director’s idea.”