Tenors. Inspired By “Lend Me A Tenor” By Ken Ludwig

Recently I went to see the comedy play “Lend me a tenor” written by Ken Ludwig in 1986 and produced by a Russian director Evgeny Pisarev at the Mosow Pushkin Drama Theatre.

The play was all right, I mean the play story. Pretty predictable though. The actors didn’t really surprised me with their performance. But still it was good to be in a theatre and get some inspiration for a painting.

I guess it’s the second painting from the nascent series Theatrical Inspiration. The first one was “Gala Dancers”. So, here are my “Tenors”:

Tenors by Dimitrie Ross. Fine art and theatre
“Tenors” by Dimitrie Ross
Inspired by the comedy play “Lend Me A Tenor” (Ken Ludwig) directed by Evgeny Pisarev in the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre (Moscow, Russia)