Fine Art In A Farmers’ Shop LavkaLavka, Moscow

You can find the fine art everywhere. Even if you go to a farmers’ organic food shop in Moscow. It’s just there – inviting you to dive into the beauty of art while you are dipping into the ice cream freezer below.  

Fine art in farmers' storeI noticed this painting while I was picking the chocolate ice cream with cookies and amaretto in the “LavkaLavka” farmers’ organic shop. “Sergeyev” I read the artist’s signature in its corner. “Who is Sergeyev?”, I asked the shop assistant. “Victor Sergeyev, the painter who lives next door. He is our friend”, responded the shop assistant.

I picked a large jar of ice cream, took a picture of the painting and went home. Victor Sergeyev, huh.

At home Google told me that the painter’s name is Alexey Sergeyev, not Victor. Know your friends, people! 🙂

Fine art in farmers' store

Alexey Sergeyev. Photo by Philipp Nikonov

Alexey Sergeyev (born 1978) is a Moscow based artist.

He studied chemical technologies, played in a rock band, worked as an illustrator in glossy magazines, managed his own printing company and then started painting.

In 2006, together with his friends he established an art group “Simply Great Painters”.

Main objectives of the art group “Simply Great Painters” created by A. Sergeyev and his friends are… the new world order and Russian orthodoxy in the whole universe…

Hm… I am definitely not joining!

I hope that by displaying Alexey Sergeyev’s paintings and supporting the artist the owners of the farmers’ shop LavkaLavka do not support the painter’s views!

“Money Tree” – Alexey Sergeyev. Oil on canvas on cardboard. 50×40 cm. 2016
“Woman Like A Zeppelin” – Alexey Sergeyev. Oil/cardboard. 30×40 cm. 2016
“Masha And Bears” – Alexey Sergeyev. Oil/plywood. 90X95cm. 2016
“For Two” – Alexey Sergeyev. Oil/paper. 32×46 cm. 2016
“Above The Sunset” – Alexey Sergeyev. Oil/cardboard. 70×50 cm. 2016
“Danger! Keep out!” – Alexey Sergeyev. Oil/cardboard. 60×40 cm. 2016
“Clown’s Girlfriend” – Alexey Sergeyev. Oil/cardboard. 53×50 cm. 2016
“Girlfriends” – Alexey Sergeyev. Oil/paper. 46×34 cm. 2016
“Preparations” – Alexey Sergeyev. Oil/cardboard. 50×40 cm. 2016
“I’m against it!” – Alexey Sergeyev. Oil/canvas. 60×40 cm. 2016
“The Cat Knows. #2” – Alexey Sergeyev. Oil/paper. 46×32 cm 2016