Art Of Fishbone Alley – Gulfport, MS – USA

I have to tell you about the Fishbone Alley I discovered in Gulfport, Mississippi (USA).

Not so long ago it as a dumpster street full of trash, criminals, well, it was not a beautiful one. To put an end to all this mess the city decided to use the mightiest of all weapons – the fine art.

The Fishbone Alley in Gulfport is one of the trendiest streets of the city today. Bars, restaurants, musicians, artists.

A friend of mine, Chris, told me that artists from all over the world were invited to leave their art prints on walls and doors of the street. However, it was important for the city that local artists are the majority.

I like streets like Fishbone Alley of Gulfport. Perhaps, this street will become something like Venice Beach in California where every wall is a piece of art.

Chris proudly showed me his artwork on one of the doors in Fishbone Alley.