Baltimore Airport Art – USA

In Baltimore Airport, on my way from one terminal to an other, I see something very interesting – an art gallery. 

It’s an exhibit of Baltimore local artists’ paintings. If you are going to travel from the Concourse D of the Baltimore Airport and if you have time before or between your flights, please check out this gallery.

The Fast And The Furious 
Cathy Abramson

Cathy Abramson has been living in Maryland for the past 40 years. She draws her inspiration from the pulse and vitality of the urban rhythm. The artist reflects and invents scenes that are at once about history, change, nostalgia and social struggle.

Путешествие в Балтимор

Joyce Ritter

Stacks of sea-polished stones, perched on the roots and boulders. Cairns as solid as pebbles, yet as fragile as dreams. These little towers were built, not by one person but by every visitor to the beach – a communal expression of hope despite the likelihood that the towers would not last.

Путешествие в Балтимор

Mona Nicole Sfeir

Early navigators relied on stars to guide them. Today, a numerical code can precisely pinpoint any spot on earth. This painting records random cities found on maps, the blue and green colors symbolizing the hope that carries people to new places, the red traces referencing war and violence that are often the cause of forced migrations. The small window of stars represents a shared humanity that we carry with us from our common migration.

Путешествие в Балтимор