Shoes And Paintings In Baltā Kumode Shoes Club – Riga, Latvia

The fine art goes with everything. Wine, coffee, cars, music, shoes. Everything can be enhanced and made more attractive with paintings.

This shoe shop “Baltā Kumode” (Eng. “White Chest”) in Riga, Latvia is relatively new. While walking the streets of the Quite Center, an art nouveau district of Riga, I have noticed the windows of this shop from afar. Bright colors of paintings were striking the eye, called and beckoned to come close, to take a look and even to step inside of the shop.

Honestly, I had to spend quite some time watching the windows of “Baltā Kumode”. “Is it an art gallery?” I asked myself. “Or is it… a shoe shop!?”.

I had to do my research on why these colorful paintings were in the shop windows and here is what I know now.

The shoes club “Baltā Kumode” is not just a shoe shop, and there is the whole philosophy of pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment while shopping for shoes.

The colorful paintings were a part of an exhibition “Colorful Games” with the works of Natalia Pankova, an artist from… Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Rich colors, vivid emotions, joyful scenes of Natalia Pankova’s paintings convey the philosophy of Baltā Kumode, don’t you think? I thought so. And I loved it.

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