Baltic Sea. Curonian Spit, Russia – Dimitrie Ross

Baltic Sea is magnificent. By sun, by rain, in the dark, during storms, in the summer and when it snows – I go to the sea.

Usually I go to Rauschen (Svetlogorsk) but this time a friend of my offered to takeme and my dogs to the Curonian Spit. The spot we picked was close to the checkpoint of the National Park Curonian Spit on the Russian (Southern) part of the park.

The weather was not really welcoming (it rained a bit) so there were no people on the beach. A deserted endless sandy beach by rain – everything I like!

We spent quite some time walking and enjoying Baltic Sea. We got wet (just imagine the rain, the sand, the waves and two of my chihuahuas running like crazy in that scenery) but we were happy.

Baltic Sea. Curonian Spit, Russia – Dimitrie Ross. Charcoal, pastel on kraft paper 20cmX30cm [8.3″X11.7″]