Bridge On Dessauer Street/Partizanskaya Str., Kaliningrad– Dimitrie Ross

The Chestnut Tree Park on Oberteich Lake is one of my favorite places in Kaliningrad. Here I take long walks, play with my dogs and go to plein air.

For an artist this place is a real treasure – the whole range of green, shapes, shadows, all moods of water surface, historical buildings of German times and even sad ruins still breathing life.

Every time on my walking rout I stop at this bridge. While my dogs sniff around massive chestnut trunks, I admire this tiny bridge.

Kaliningrad Art – Dimitrie Ross
Bridge On Dessauer Street (today Partizanskaya Str) in Chestnut Tree Park. Oberteich Lake, Kaliningrad, Russia. My Baltic Backyard – Dimitrie Ross. Charcoal, pastel

Of course, today the bridge looks almost nothing like before.

Source: Мой Königsberg
Source: Мой Königsberg