Cabin On Lake Michigan, USA – “Courtyards”

That year I went to Chicago and Lake Michigan to see the fall colors. My trip started in Chicago and ran all around Lake Michigan.

I was amazed at bright colors of foliage on trees of all shapes and sizes. Some nights of that trip I spent in a cabin at Lake Michigan somewhere in the are of Traverse City/Maple City/Glen Arbor.

My favorite moments of that stay in the cabin were times when before sunset when we walked through the woods then came back to the cabin, poured ourselves wine or hot black tea and sat down on a pier to enjoy the sunset. Each time we were joined by a couple of chipmunks. It was our Lake Michigan tradition – walk in the woods, sunset on the pier and chipmunks 🙂 Lovely.

Cabin On Lake Michigan, USA. “Courtyards” – Dimitrie Ross. Charcoal, pastel on craft paper