Haystacks Of Islavskoye

I love autumn. It’s definitely my time of the year. Fall colors, light rain, joy for any sunny day.  

Big cities like Moscow have their own charm in the fall. Yet as soon as I am outside of the city – taking long walks with my dogs or doing some meditative works in my garden – all of my senses seem to come truly alive.

One of those autumn days we took our dogs to run on fields. There is this super-elite district near Moscow (where richest people live) which is located along the Rublyovka highway. The district is also called Rublyovka.

When you pass through all of that pretentious architectural kitsch (fortunately, most of which is hidden behind 10-feet high fences!) you will see old Russian villages (where real people live), fields, rivers, forests and no 10-feet high fences. This is where we like to go for a walk. Our dogs love it there, too.

Haystacks Of Islavskoye. Fields Of Super-Elite Neighborhood Rublyovka (Moscow, Russia) – Dimitrie Ross. Charcoal, pastel