Traveling To Kaliningrad – Amazing Flowers Of Kaliningrad Artist Marina Belova

Why do we like some flowers and are indifferent to others? It’s because each flower has its own geometry and rhythm which sometimes resonate with our inner geometry and rhythm.   

This time I go to Kaliningrad House Of Artist to see works of Kaliningrad artist Marina Belova. And while I was going there I was already bored 🙂 What can I see there, some classical landscapes, I thouth. When I was buying an entry ticket I kind of got even more upset that I came because the ticket seemed too cheap – 50 ¢! I enter the exhibition room and… and I freeze in astonishment!

In piercing silence I literally hear the quite music coming to to me from each painting. Melodies intertwine creating a light etherial waltz of flowers!

Дмитрий Росс. Художники Калининграда – Путешествие в Калининград
At Marina Belova’s exhibition. Her flowers are just amazing!

Of course, no-one turned the music on when I came, the room was still soundless. This waltz though… this waltz of Marina Belova flowers sounded in unison with my own rhythm.

There is one thing I want for my own flowers so that they also sound with unison with someone awakening good memories or just giving someone an unexplained quite joy…

The classical landscapes were also there. Crisp, deep, real – they are worth to be seen. Marina Belova is and amazing landscape painter. She is worth to be discovered.

Again and again I realize that female painters are unfairly undervalued by history.