The Moment Of Now. The Passage Of Time – New Painting

The passage of time for me in this painting is not so much the changes “from… to”. It’s the moment of NOW on the eternal spiral of harmonious compatibility of incompatible…

A spiral of a pine trunk – motionless yet so dynamic.

The waters of the sea – in constant motion and yet always present.

The sky, always changing, unreachable and yet reaching all.

A turtle that crawls slow and low and a dove flying fast and high.

The serpent of eternity eating its own tail.

Three human figures with three different attitudes to living life. They seem indifferent and independent of each other, yet there is something that unites them all – it’s the time they have and the time they live in.

The dial is my quote from the astrological clock of Giovanni Dondi, an Italian mechanical engineer from the 14th century.

And of course, the timeless symbol of the sacred in the dial…

Dimitri Ross Art – Florence Italy

Dimitri Ross Art

Dimitri Ross Art

“The moment of now. The passage of time” – Dimitri Ross
Mixed media, oil with gilding on canvas, 80×60cm [31″×24″]. Florence, February 2023

Created for the #whatsart exhibition 2023 @fondentearte and presented at @gallerialafonderia 18-25.03.2023