Dimitri ROSS
Visual artist

Florence, Italy

Dimitri Ross, a contemporary figurative visual artist, was born in Russia in a bi-cultural family with a German and Jewish background, received the education in Liberal Arts and Religious studies in the USA, now lives in Florence, Italy.

He began to study drawing and painting as a young teenager by attending an art lyceum. Currently he masters the academic painting and sacred art in Florence by deepening his artistic research on painting techniques of the Italian Renaissance.

He describes his style as the revived realism of sacred art. He works primarily with oil paints, also applies mixed media, gilding and natural materials.

In his works he brings together a passion for the human form and the academic painting techniques with a contemporary touch. Sacred themes and ancient mythology are an important part of his art. He uses symbols and metaphors to create interpretations of ideas which were first introduced in the sacred writings.

«By working on a painting, for the first time for me, I cross the bridges between the past and the present. I believe that the human body has to be rediscovered and reinterpreted in the way when it's not presented repressed or vulgar but free and beautiful. The human form is unveiled and yet mysterious, bound by man-made decency and yet sensual, changing with time and circumstances and yet remaining the same in the eyes of its admirers. Movements, diversity, emotions, age changes, sensuality of the human form - all this is what the living art is for me,» Dimitri Ross

Email: rossartfirenze@gmail.com

Instagram / personal: @dimitrieross

Instagram / art: @ross.fineart