Colors are sounds. Shadows are pauses. Painting is music.

My name is Dimitrie Ross, I am a visual artist. I currently live in the wooden house in a spruce forest not far from Moscow, Russia. 

Having spent the most of my life in Moscow, I have a special love for Kaliningrad [formerly known as Königsberg] – the city in the Russian Baltics I am originally from. The Baltic Sea, landscapes and nature of the Baltic region, is what inspires me always..

There were art schools and art studios I attended to learn from great artists – in Russia and the USA. However, Italian and American artists made the most impact on my work. My artwork is represented in private collections in Russia, the USA, Italy.

I believe that by artistic exploration of nature and human form – whether it be expressed figuratively or expressively simplified  – the desire to look beyond what's in front of our eyes and beyond our visual differences might eventually awaken.

You can always reach me by email or via Instagram.


Instagram: @dimitrieross