Kaliningrad Art Gallery surprised me again – this time it’s the exhibition of paintings by Vitaly Korotkov.

Fine Art Kaliningrad
Vitaly Korotkov, a wedding photographer and a cameraman. Born in Ivanovo in 1969, Vitaly Korotkov lives in Polessk (Kaliningrad region) since 1993.

Vitaly Korotkov paints Königsberg. He paints Kaliningrad, too, but Königsberg is in the center of his undivided love and his art.

An interesting thing I notice in Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad artists (first of all painters but actually many people who live in Kaliningrad) look back at Königsberg with love and melancholy, understood by them only. They love the city which doesn’t exist anymore. For many of those Kaliningrad is still Königsberg. Well, I am one of those, too.

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“Everything is so German in Kaliningrad, so East Prussian”, sometimes we say catching on pathos. Well, only the fickle weather and the Baltic Sea are what remains unaltered like they where back then in Germany and East Prussia.

Vitaly Kortotkov paints nonexistent Königsberg. I doubt that we’ll see the city in all its past beauty. This is why the artist imagines and invents his own Königsberg.

The old German silhouettes of Königsberg come to life on Vitaly Korotkov’s canvases, probably feeling joy and sadness at the same time. Perhaps, they are happy because they are still not forgotten, but then they are sad because they are no more.

Königsberg of Vitaly Korotkov is beautiful and invisible. It’s like a mirage, an illusion. Perhaps that is why there are no reflections of the city in the Pregola river …


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