Fresh breeze of the Baltic sea, mysterious streets of beautiful Königsberg, sand hills of Curonian Spit, sun, frost and wind. You can find it all in paintings of Vitaly Korotkov, a Kaliningrad artist.

Vitaly Korotkov, artist, wedding photographer and cameraman. Polessk, Kaliningrad region. Photo: Vitaly Korotkov/VK

As a wedding photographer and a cameraman, Vitaly Korotkov has an eye for the beauty in things past and present. Born in Ivanovo in 1969, Vitaly Korotkov lives in Polessk (Kaliningrad region) since 1993.

In his works Vitaly Korotkov often tries to look into the architecture of East Prussia portraying his own idea of what Königsberg was.

Some critics say that by looking at his works you might get an impression that the artist lived during those times when Kaliningrad was Königsberg.

Late Fall. Vitaly Korotkov
Sea Surf. Vitaly Korotkov
Fishing Village. Vitaly Korotkov
Rime. Vitaly Korotkov